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What Compels Motivation

Motivation is compelled intrinsically (internally), extrinsically (externally), consciously and unconsciously.

Intrinsic motivation (internal and autonomous).  When motivation is intrinsic, we are internally compelled toward something that is inherently satisfying, like caring for others. 

Extrinsic motivation (external and controlled). Extrinsic motivation is externally controlled and is linked to an external reward such as salary, a promotion, a holiday, recognition or achievement.

Conscious (explicit) and unconscious (implicit).  When motivation is conscious, it is explicit and occurs when we focus our conscious awareness and attention on a task or goal.  

An example of explicit motivation can be seen in the earlier example where Jo was consciously aware of her desire to lose weight so she could feel more energetic and comfortable in her clothes.

When motivation is unconscious, it is implicit and expressed over time without conscious awareness. 

An example of implicit motivation in Jo’s example earlier is that she was not consciously aware of how much movement was not occurring over time, resulting in undesirable increased weight.