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Our experiences in life and care can be gifts to reshape, develop and create happier, healthier communities.  In this element you will consider the positive experiences you have enjoyed whilst caring for others, learn about creating new habits and you will recall your learning about the default node network, your values and consider how your values will support your success in making new habits.


Consider for a moment a situation or event where you have made a difference.  

Consider a moment when you made a positive difference:

What was the situation? What influenced? What was noticed? 

Reflect on that moment and go to page 12, activity 11 in your workbook to capture. 

I recall a young man in a session, placing his face in his hands after expressing his deep sadness about an event.  I held the space in that moment as deep sadness in the young man began to release. I continued to hold the space.  I feel humble and peaceful within that I could help this young man in this moment to grieve and start to process experiences.