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Thoughts can be an idea, a view, an impression, apprehension, belief, line of thinking, expectation, aspiration, intention, interpretation. Our thoughts determine what we do with our experience of perception and the feelings in our body.

Much of our thinking occurs unconsciously, automatically and interacts with the brain’s default mode network (DMN), represented by neuroscience research as a group of structures in the brain that are involved in many different functions: The neurological interpretation of the self; Thoughts about self and others; Recalling past events and thinking about future events.

When we are not fully present or when our mind is wandering, or we become competent at repeated tasks or thoughts, we do them without thinking about them; this is the default mode network in operation. This automatic mode enables activities like thinking, responding to a sensation, playing an instrument, driving, riding a bike or other functions occur automatically without conscious thought. Some call this mode being on auto pilot.