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The unconscious mirror contagion

We have learned in previous elements that perception is both conscious and unconscious. The social nature of perception is largely unconscious and it has been found that mirror neurons can act as a contagion.  

View below for examples of unconscious mirror contagion.

Seeing and hearing someone laughing out loud.  Notice how automatically you smile or even laugh as well.

At a concert where you were seated and as others rose out of their seats to dance, you were compelled to stand and/or dance as well.

You might have had a very happy morning and arrived at a group meeting where everyone was negative and making unproductive comments and felt your mood shift and began to have unproductive thoughts.

Consider the unconscious mirror contagion

Take a moment to consider a situation, event or activity at home, in the workplace or in life where the unconscious mirror contagion may have been present.

Unconscious mirror contagion – Consider a situation, whilst caring for others or in life where the unconscious mirror contagion may have been present.

Capture the situation and how the unconscious mirror contagion may have influenced behaviour or experiences

Go to page 3, activity 3 in your workbook. 

Understanding the unconscious mirror contagion opened my eyes to automatic reactions especially in group settings.