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The ripple effect

Have you ever noticed how the momentum of a drop in the water can create ripples that impact the water from the drop, and have you noticed the momentum, the movement of the ripples moving outward 360 degrees from the point of the drop landing in the water. Have you noticed how the energy of the drop falling and connecting to the water is greater than the energy of the ripples as they flow.

Curious, I reflect on this ripple effect in life and notice when I put energy into something, positive or not so positive, I am creating a ripple effect.  I notice that the ripple effect comes from my core being, who I am, how I am in the world, what I feel, think and do.  I noticed how this ripple effect flows and connects with others, how it might disrupt at times and how easily it flows.

The ripple effect

Ripple effect – Consider a time when the ripple effect has been noticed.  

Go to page 14, activity 14 in your workbook to capture what was happening, what stood out and what surprised. 

I like to get playful with the ripple effect, directing my intention, my being and my action toward positive experiences.  I notice the flow of positive experiences to others and I feel joy.