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Mind Body Connection
Reflect and Reconnect
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Resources refresh

View the below to refresh your resources. 

ProQOL (Stamm, 2010)

Your motivation to care image and statement



Nervous system

Facilitating a disruption

Your garden


Boundary decisions road map and the 5 assertiveness principles

Considered conversations

Advantages of the breath

Progressive muscle relaxation

Guided meditation

Sleep routine checklist

Sleep meditation

Facilitating Mindfulness

Mindfulness Practice: Audios, body scan, eating a berry, observation, movement.

Integrating mindfulness: waiting, in between activities, in the shower, shift handovers, walking, meetings and more.

Mindfulness body scan before bed

Stress cycle

Ladder of inference

Power of Pause – PoP

Applying new lenses 

SAM: Situation Awareness and Management

Problem solving wheel

Elements of debriefing

Elements of Supervision

Image represents your learning

Self-debriefing framework

State management – facilitating a resourceful state

Resources reflection

Reflecting on the resources above, go to page 6, activity 8 in your workbook to list the resources which stand out.