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Recall Joe’s experience

In the moment I was introduced, I felt a rush of adrenaline in my body. I thought would ease, seconds later, I felt my breath increase, I commenced walking up to the lectern, as I stood in front of the lectern, I looked up, 400 people were looking toward me.  My mouth felt dry and my throat felt as if it had narrowed.  I was thinking to myself, how am I going to get through this, I felt like I wanted to run.

In this example, Joe felt a rush of adrenaline in his body. Joe’s automatic thoughts are: “I thought it would ease”, then “how am I going to get through this?”

In this moment, Joe’s experience can go one of two ways; he can stay with these automatic thoughts or he can disrupt the thought with a new deliberate thought and take action.  

To facilitate a disruption of thought, Joe needs to be present within himself and disrupt the prefrontal cortex, determine a more productive thought, link it to an image in his mind and feel the sensations in his body that relate to the new thought and image.  This may be Joe presenting with confidence and ease.