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Recall Jenna’s experience

After arriving home, distracted, still processing the day, coming down from the shower, Jenna perceived that Josh was annoyed.  She went to bed early not engaging in conversation or the evening with Josh.  In the morning Jenna learned that Josh had also had a busy day, didn’t stop, not even for lunch.

Divided attention can negatively influence perception, our experience and can increase stress.

Reflecting on Jenna’s experience

Consider times that you have had to divide your attention between many concerns at once, unable to be fully present with any. Capture a time when you have experienced dividing your attention. What was the experience.

Go to page 3, activity 2 in your workbook. 

Mindfulness practice is a way of moving away from this pattern of divided attention into a place of presence. It promotes awareness, purposeful focus and attention in the moment.