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Peter’s experience

Restless is the best way to explain how I felt at the end of the day.  I noticed when restless I was fatigued and short-tempered. A conversation with a friend, less involved in my work environment really opened my eyes to the value of varying the lens.  My colleague, looking through another lens was curious, calm, and inquisitive.  I was far from curious, annoyed, perceiving with a lens of many priorities and concern about a negative outcome.  

I noticed as I listened and observed through my colleague’s lens that we were perceiving and responding to the situation with different lenses and how the lens my colleague was using was calm, empathetic and finding value. At that moment, I made a choice to change the lens.  I noticed my experiences changed, my energy and mood lifted, the restlessness no longer.

Reflecting on Peter’s experience – Consider a situation you have experienced while caring for others. Vary the lens and capture what was noticed or what surprised?

Go to page 12, activity 16 in your workbook.

Awareness enabled me to determine other possible responses, taking action transformed my experience.