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Paul’s experience

Stuck in the business of life, working long and intense days as a paramedic, I found myself feeling exhausted, having difficulty concentrating and was reacting to things I never reacted to. My wife and I were not in a good place, I felt stuck on a highway, having to go faster and faster every day. Something had to change, I wanted my life back, I wanted to care for others as a paramedic and have time with my wife and my family.

Now I get up half an hour earlier each day, go outside or onto my balcony, I think of all the things I am grateful for and then I allow myself to just be in the moment for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I just spend the time focusing on my breath. When I started, it was hard to settle, I found centering my attention just on my breath, helped me settle and experience a feeling of quiet within in my body. This new feeling came more easily each time and I noticed my days feeling less hectic. I noticed the more I practiced, the easier the feeling of quiet became, now, I can find that feeling for one or two minutes in my day. 

I noticed the more I practiced, the easier the feeling of quiet became. I can honestly say, taking time each morning just to be, changed my life and my experiences for the better.