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Jodi’s experience

I saw myself lying on the thin bed, I felt my body had nothing left, looking at the ceiling, I heard the door open, and a small Chinese lady briskly entered the room. I felt her hand on my left wrist, then my right wrist, and her hands felt warm. She looked at me with a stern face, looking into my eyes, she said “you are too stressed, your body needs to get strong, you must take away the stress. Your body can not work with all that stress”.  

Shocked at her directness, I smiled and said I am not stressed, she ignored my words and began placing small acupuncture needles in various places on my body, then said “you lay there and relax”. As I lay, so many thoughts came into my head, like a highway at peak hour. Waves of emotion bubbled, I took more deep breaths, the emotion come back again and again. Feeling vulnerable, laying there, relax I thought to myself; easy to say. Tears rolled out of the corner of my eyes, relax I told myself taking another deep breath. I lay there for what felt like hours, feeling the tears, taking deep breaths, I thought to myself – I don’t know how to relax, I just don’t know.  

The lady returned, started removing the small needles and at the end said “you must make less stress”, nothing else was said. Leaving the room, I looked back toward the lady, thinking how do you know.” I continued to return for several weeks, and after several months, I learned to relax.


Take a moment to reflect on Jodi’s experience.  Then capture what stood out and how you like to relax.

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