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Jenna’s experience

Arriving home after an intense day, distracted, still processing the day. I had a shower, when I came down from the shower, Josh who usually waits for me for dinner was sitting on the couch eating his dinner and said, “There is some dinner is in the oven Jen”. Immediately I thought to myself, he is annoyed because I didn’t talk and went straight to the shower. I said “thanks,” then sat down with my dinner. Josh made small talk.  I didn’t say much and after dinner I went to bed.

In the morning, Josh asked very tenderly, “are you alright?”, I felt surprised that he asked in this way. “Yes, it was a big day yesterday, what about you.” Josh said “yes, I had a busy day, didn’t stop, not even for lunch”.

Reflect on Jenna’s experience

Take a moment now to consider Jenna’s experience and share what was noticed using the link below.

Capture what was noticed in Jenna’s experience. 

Go to page 11, activity 19 in your workbook.

Developing greater awareness of my experiences and responses has helped me to have better experiences with my family.  Now I deliberately shift from work mode to family mode on my way home.