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Read below to learn the steps for facilitating mindfulness.

Step 1 – Facilitating Mindfulness

When facilitating mindfulness, you are progressively expanding your conscious awareness, on purpose, without judgement or expectation. You can achieve this by starting with the breath, drawing awareness to the breath, noticing how it travels through your body, becoming aware of the feelings, and the sensations, deepening your conscious awareness of each breath as it flows naturally.

Step 2 – Facilitating Mindfulness

After a while, you may expand your awareness from your breath to the feelings in the body, noticing the feelings and sensations, movements, tone, the differences and the similarities between the sensations throughout your body and returning your attention to your breath.

Step 3 – Facilitating Mindfulness

You may notice thoughts come into your mind during the experience. When this occurs, notice the thought without judgement. Once you have noticed it, imagine placing the thought on a little boat floating and drifting down a stream, then return your attention to your breath. 

This may occur several times. Continue to simply notice each thought and place the thought into a new little boat and allow the thought to drift away as you draw your attention to your breath.  

Step 4 – Facilitating Mindfulness

Sometimes, you might like to hold one of these thoughts in your awareness for a while, simply hold it in your awareness without judgement or expectation and when you are ready, allow the thought to just drift away.

Step 5 – Preparation

  1. Find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down.
  2. Use the introduction audio to guide you through an introduction to mindfulness practice.
  3. Ensure you breathe naturally (do not strain)

Note: Do not use the mindfulness audio’s whilst driving or operating machinery.

Step 6 – Before Commencing

Before commencing each mindfulness experience, identify which character best represents where you are at in this moment.

Step 7 – After Your Mindfulness Practice

After your mindfulness practice, take a moment to reflect and capture your experience.

Facilitating Mindfulness

Commence with your attention on your breath, slowly expand that attention to your body and after a while your thoughts, allowing thoughts to be in your awareness without judgement and allowing them to drift, paying attention again to your breath.

Preparing for your mindfulness practice and capturing where you are at prior to and after your practice is important to your learning, facilitating mindfulness and awareness. Enjoy.