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Helena’s experience

I attended the workshop reluctantly with a busy mind full of the shift handover briefing, what I needed to share with the team about patents in critical care and feeling guilty that I had rushed my daughters out of the car into before school care. I struggled to pay attention with such a busy mind, then we started with a short practice I noticed my breath at first, then was distracted as my mind was everywhere, so many thoughts, I felt fidgety. When we stopped, I realised I was not the only one, again we practiced, a few more minutes this time. I heard the facilitator say ‘allow the thoughts to come and go;  just notice without judgement or expectation’. In that moment, I choose to let the thoughts go, just for a minute. Surprised, the thoughts were still there, just not as intense, they seemed to slow, I felt an ease in my body, the thoughts were there, similar, yet different, I paid attention to my breath again. Something had shifted just by letting go, noticing my breath, I felt new sensations – familiar yet unfamiliar, this was how I found presence.

Consider your experiences – Take a moment to reflect on your experiences. Capture what was easy? what was difficult? what was different?  

Go to page 12, activity 18 in your workbook to capture.