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Exploring boundaries in care

It is important to frequently refresh your values, your rules of the game, policies and the code of ethics to support your boundary decisions. It is equally important to seek support from a trusted colleagues in a network or organisation, close friend, a support group or supervisor to assist you with difficult boundary decisions.

Sarah’s experience

I always enjoyed my work and didn’t mind helping others if they needed a hand or needed to debrief. I found myself over time in a position where my helping others was becoming an expectation, even at the end of my shift when I wanted to go home to my family. I tried to say I had to go, I had commitments. “Oh it won’t take long” my manager or others would say. I didn’t know how to say no in another way without upsetting those who wanted me to stay and to help. I was getting upset with myself as I wanted to do well in my work and be with my family.