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Changing focus

Looking through the telescope on the cliffs of Byron out to the magnificent vast ocean, I was mesmerised by the sun glistening on the water, almost dancing along the ripples of the water as the waves gently rolled upward and downward lightly carrying the dancing sunlight so peacefully. Moving the telescope a little to the right, a large mass emerged breaking the momentum of the water and, after watching the mass emerge and submerge for some time, I moved the telescope just beyond observing a number of similar masses closer together emerging and submerging. Adjusting the telescope to focus more clearly on these masses, after a while, I observed a most spectacular display as an enormous whale jettisoned out of the water with a powerful yet graceful force, elegantly moving through the air and then with an almighty splash, returning back in and under the water. Exhilarated, for some time, I simply observed the spectacular, amazed, joyful and excited.  

Reflecting, I ponder how quickly the scene changed as I moved the telescope or adjusted the focus. How when watching the whale jettison out of the water and return with an almighty splash, the sunlight dancing along the ripples of the water in the same panorama was no longer in view and the feelings in my body changed so quickly from the calm peaceful feeling to exhilaration, excitement and joy. Curious isn’t it how what we focus on impacts what we see and our thoughts, feelings and actions so automatically.


Take a moment now to reflect on ‘Changing focus’ and capture in your workbook what was noticed, what stood out or how this might relate.

Go to page 6, activity 6 in your workbook. 

Reflecting, I ponder how quickly the scene, changed as I moved the telescope or adjusted the focus.