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Building on Joe’s experience

You may recall Joe initiated an action.

For a brief moment, I closed my eyes and took an inward breath.

In this moment Joe can disrupt his automatic thoughts and choose a deliberate thought such as “I am so excited to be here presenting”, he created an image in his mind of speaking confidently and he paid attention to the new feelings and sensations in the body that relate to the thoughts and image.  Changing his automatic thoughts from “how will I get through this” to a deliberate thought of “I am so excited to be here presenting”, linking to an image of presenting confidently and feeling new sensations in his body changed Joe’s experience.

Consider for a moment

Consider Joe’s experience and capture what Joe’s experience might have been if he: 

  1. Chose to stay in automatic mode or 
  2. Chose to go into deliberate mode by disrupting the prefrontal cortex then saying a deliberate statement, having an image in mind and feeling the new sensation of the statement and image.  

Go to page 9, activity 15 in your workbook.  

The feeling of fear in the body is the same feeling as excitement.  Our experience of this feeling is determined by our emotions and our thoughts.  Automatic or deliberate.