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Breaking the stress cycle

Developing awareness and breaking the stress cycle is vital for improved experiences, well being and sustainability. There are many ways to break the stress cycle some you have already learned, some you know and some you will learn as you continue in this course.

To break the stress cycle, relaxation and rejuvenating activities must be introduced into the busy daily routine. These activities may include: exercise, meditation, mindfulness, gentle yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, a relaxing bath, breath relaxation or other activities that promote relaxation.  

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Pay attention to what is happening around you. Observe and consider how your default mode network may be influencing your experience.

Take a minute to notice whilst you observe any feelings in your body, then take 3 minutes to focus on your breath – It takes only 3 minutes of breathing naturally or slowly for the adrenaline in your system to slow.

Facilitate a reframe

Becoming aware of our thoughts which influence our  actions, behaviour and apply a reframe.  

Example: It is so busy I can not breathe.  Might be re-framed to: I am really energized by the work that I do and the people I care for.

Try it and feel what changes in your body.


Meditation – using guided audio is very helpful for breaking the stress cycle.

Breath activity

Breathing activity for three minutes, always feeling your feet on the floor and following the breathing cycle.  Breathing naturally.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Helps alleviate tension in the body stored from stress.  Refer to the audio for learned previously to facilitate progressive muscle relaxation.

Mindfulness moments

Mindfulness moments can occur in many places as you have learned. Identify additional mindfulness moments and practice just one minute at a time.

I like to practice a mindfulness moment for 60 seconds, just before I facilitate a group, attend a meeting, connect with colleagues or before I leave work for the day.

Consider each day expanding opportunities to practice mindfulness moments.


Exercise might include:

  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Going to the gym
  • Sport
  • and more…