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I wanted to stay with her, to help her feel strong, the demands of care meant I couldn’t stay long.  I came back to help her shower and settle her into bed.  It was like the life in her was gone, she was so sad with the loss of her husband John, some weeks later, Elaine was gone.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them, how quickly life was there and how quickly it had gone.  I wake often in the night, restless and thinking about Elaine, seeing her in my mind sitting at the window every night.  I find myself not wanting to go to work or engage with others in the team, I thought I would be alright.  I took some time off as I wasn’t feeling well, I slept most of the time.  I loved my work, now I don’t know what I want, I see her in my mind, I feel so lost.

Aged Care Nurse.