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The Panorama Resources

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Refresh your resources by reviewing the below.


Observation increases awareness and can be facilitated in many forms. 

Take some time, one minute, two minutes, or more to simply observe this video without expectation. 

Reflect for a moment and consider what was noticed, or what stood out?


Consider a moment when you have perceived something positive or negative in your life or work environment.

Consider your emotion/feelings, thoughts (conscious or unconscious) that may have informed your decisions, behaviour and action. 

See the video below.

The Nervous System

Consider for a moment, an experience where you felt a rush of adrenaline, a feeling of calmness, a feeling of excitement or another similar feeling. 

Consider how the nervous system may have influenced your experience. 

See the video below.

Facilitation a Distribution

Disrupt – feel your feet on the floor, wriggle your toes, count 3 breaths.

Determine – a deliberate statement. Say it over. E.g. I am excited I am helping others.

Image – Create an image in your mind that represents. 

Replace – Automatic thought with deliberate thought and image.

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