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Elements of Mindfulness

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Awareness of the breath, awareness of the movement of the breath through your body, awareness of the sensations of the breath. Breathing naturally.


Expanding awareness to the body, to all parts of the body and paying attention to the feelings and sensations in the body, the similarities and differences in sensations.


Paying attention to your breath, broaden your awareness to any thoughts, notice each thought without judgement,  place the thought on a cloud and allow the thought to drift away returning your attention to your breath.  You might like to hold a thought in your awareness, without judgement, just hold the thought in your awareness and notice any sensations in the body.  When you are ready, place the thought on a cloud and allow it to drift away.  Return your focus to your breath.

Facilitating Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Practice: Audios, body scan, eating a berry, observation, movement

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Integrating Mindfulness:

  • waiting, 
  • in between activities, 
  • in the shower, 
  • shift handovers, 
  • walking, 
  • meetings and more.

Mindfulness body scan before below

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