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Have you ever been curious about what influences our behaviour to go toward some things and move away from others?

Consider times when you have consciously or unconsciously moved toward something and other times where you have moved away from or avoid some things altogether.  

These times when we go toward or move away from or avoid, are examples of motivation in action.


Considering motivation influences our impulsion to go toward some things and move away from others, its helpful to understand the two key elements of motivation:

  1. What we want to doexamples: move away from something, move toward something, save for a holiday, give up chocolate, buy a home, write a novel, go to the gym and more.
  2. How strongly we want to do it. examples: How strongly we want to do something influences our action or inaction.  

Expanding these elements in our own context, lets take a look at an example of motivation in action.

Motivation in action 

First elementJo noticed she had put on a little weight and wanted to trim down to feel more energetic and comfortable in her clothes.  She thought about it for a while and since she has a pretty good diet, she decided she needed to move more to lose the weight. Jo had an established desire for what she wanted to do: to lose weight so she can be more energetic and feel comfortable in her clothes. That was the first element.  

The second element: how strongly Jo wants to do it. It had to be strong enough for Jo to take action.  A week or two went by and Jo hadn’t really moved more or lost any weight. Curious Jo pondered, asking herself why doesn’t she just do it, knowing she will feel more energetic and comfortable in her clothes. She noticed that whilst she was motivated to lose weight, she was equally motivated build her practice, see her clients, be home for her family and balance many other things. To change, Jo had to make a decision. How strongly does she really want to lose weight? And is it strong enough to take action?

Jo made a plan starting with moving an extra 15 minutes a day, walking to start with.  That felt ‘doable’ to Jo and 15 minutes didn’t seem too long.  After a week, Jo noticed she was walking for 20 minutes, and over time this expanded to twice a day.  Jo was surprised, her productivity increased without extra time.

One step at a time, always with the image in mind.