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Introduction to the program

Welcome to the Compassion Fatigue Reset, Refresh and Reconnect Program.

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An important note

This program introduces compassion fatigue also known as secondary trauma, guides growth through knowledge awareness and evidence based resources to reset, refresh and reconnect.

The program is developed for all people caring for others and exposed to trauma.  Within the course we use the term ‘Care Professionals’ to capture the many populations of people caring for others individually with love ones or professionally.

As you progress through this program, you may experience unexpected emotions or feelings.  It is important to understand this course is not a substitute for individual counselling, medical or psychological support. This program is intended to build awareness about compassion fatigue, to learn and apply resources that can assist to reset, refresh and reconnect, after situations in care when exposed to trauma.

If at any time throughout this program you experience emotions that are uncomfortable or impacting your experiences negatively, immediately seek professional support from a registered mental health professional, counsellor, psychologist or medical practitioner.

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, symptoms of compassion fatigue immediately seek professional support from a registered mental health professional counsellor, psychologist or medical practitioner for individual support..



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